6-Module Online Teacher Wellness Course:

"Radiant Me: Balance, Mindfulness, and Wellness"

Despite the many joys of teaching, it is one of the world's most demanding professions.  Every day we dedicate ourselves to the physical, intellectual, and social-emotional well-being of our students.  In doing so, we often neglect taking care of ourselves.  Over time we can become burned-out, distant, and lose the passion that brought us to the profession in the first place.  


Radiant Mind's 6-module, self-guided course mixes best educational and wellness practices with scientifically proven mindfulness and social-emotional skills.  Engaging and relevant content is delivered via videos, readings, and reflections.  The tools and techniques provided in this learning experience can be applied immediately. 


We will learn to navigate the challenges of finding a balance between personal and professional life.  Each week we will be introduced to different mindfulness skills and techniques, as well as strategies for growing and maintaining your own personal practice.


Once the foundation is set for our own self-care, we then turn our attention to how we can engage with students and colleagues from a place of openness and compassion, ensuring individual and group success.


Finally, we look at how to bring mindfulness and social-emotional learning into the classroom for our students.


Self-care is essential, and as an educator, you deserve the best.  Radiant Mind's teacher wellness course aims to serve you so that you can better serve others.

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Progressive Education and Social-Emotional Learning
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