Mindfulness Programs


Radiant Mind provides scientifically-based, engaging mindfulness programs for students, teachers and any other individuals or groups looking to learn how to develop their own practice.  Continued research confirms that mindfulness helps regulate stress, promote healthy habits of mind and improve social-emotional well-being.  



Our programs can be facilitated in person, online or via hybrid learning.  Lessons are tailored to ensure relevancy to your needs and are scaffolded to help you develop a versatile, applicable skills set.  Supplemental materials including guided practices, additional readings, and activities help to support practice during and after the course.



Mindfulness programs for students help to develop skills of paying attention, learn how to manage emotions, promote pro-social behavior and manage stress. 

Mindfulness programs have shown to benefit students socially and academically.

Mindfulness programs help teachers with managing stress, reducing burnout and embody the compassion and empathy that promote strong relationships with students and create positive learning environments.

Mindfulness practices can effectively help parents, businesses, and athletes maximize relationships, productivity, and potential.  


Radiant Mind programs can be facilitated in-person or completed remotely online.

Consulting and professional development sessions can be used to help develop and implement school-wide wellness programs aimed to promote community, enhance learning, and encourage greater well-being.

Mindfulness Program Offerings

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