Mindfulness for Educators

Why It's Essential

Few professions are as mentally and emotionally demanding as teaching. Simply put, you deserve greater peace of mind and well-being. 


As educators, our job is to serve others. We must first learn to care for and serve ourselves so that we may then provide the engaged and compassionate presence that our students deserve.


Mindfulness training for teachers helps to:

  • Reduce stress and burnout

  • Improve relationships with colleagues and students

  • Improve classroom management and effectiveness of instruction

  • Enhanced overall well-being


By integrating mindfulness into our lives and supporting our own well-being, we're better prepared to serve others.

Program Offerings

Mindfulness & Me

Teachers will learn how to develop their own personal practices via in-school professional development that provides teachers with an introduction to the how and why of mindfulness.

Teaching Mindfully

Teachers and administrators take the next step by learning how to bring mindfulness into the classroom via multiple sessions or full-day professional development training.

Three Stages of Mindfuness in Schools

Developing Personal
Teaching Mindfully
Creating a Mindful School
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