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Academic + Tutoring Services

 To help students thrive, our team offers a combination of extensive content knowledge, the use of the best of educational practices, and a deep sense of compassion and care that ensures students feel seen, cared for, and fully supported.  Each session is individually tailored to a student's individual needs, interests, and goals.

Below is an overview of the different aspects of our academic and tutoring services.  

Overview of Services

Homework Help

 For all subjects, each session will incorporate the practice of different academic skills and tools in order to successfully learn content, complete lessons, projects, and activities.

College Prep

College Prep entails basic application services including essay writing, portfolio development, and a menu of essential life skills to support the transition into university life.

Study + Life Skills

In addition to essential study skills, we practice  Executive Functioning Skills (EF). EF skills improve mental focus, working memory, impulse control, self-reflection, and planning.

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) helps develop self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills.

Test Prep

 Students are provided with content support, proven test-taking strategies, and stress management techniques. 



  We offer a variety of mindfulness tools and well-being practices, to help students better navigate the stressors of school and personal life.

Here is a list of our current content-based offerings.  Please note though, that we aim to meet all requests and are always looking to expand the services we provide. 

English (ESL) 
Writing + Language Arts
Personal Finance + Business
Social Studies (Including AP)

More Subjects Available Upon Request


Content Specialization


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