About Radiant Mind

Who We Are:



We are individuals impassioned to be agents of positive change. We are educators inspired to provide new and innovative ways to amplify the relevancy and impact of education. We are citizens prepared to help individuals and communities to lean into challenges with compassion and curiosity so that we may individually and collectively pursue our passions and achieve our full potential.



Radiant Mind serves learning communities in developing and implementing mindfulness and social-emotional learning programs that are anchored in the tenets of progressive, equitable and culturally responsive education.  Through research-based and scientifically informed practices, we aim to help students, teachers, and leaders develop the skills and capacity to connect to each other, the learning experience and the radiant potential in each us for creating a more compassionate world. 

What We Offer:

Founder: Josh Kettell


During my 15 years as an educator, I've found what I believe are some universal truths - education is about relationships, it's about finding and pursuing passions, and it's about the simultaneous exploration of self and our connection to the world around us, and that ultimately, each moment offers us an opportunity for growth as long as we allow ourselves to be open to it.


As a classroom teacher, much of my success has come from creating positive learning environments that foster inclusion, confidence to take risks, and an intrinsic desire to better oneself and others.  My desire to help students achieve not only academic success but also holistic well-being led me to incorporate social-emotional learning techniques into my classroom, especially those associated with mindfulness.


Over the last 4 years, I have taught mindfulness in classes ranging from K-12, created advisory programs, and led the development of school-wide wellness initiatives. I have also facilitated professional development for teachers and parents, and I have given presentations at international teacher conferences as well as being a presenter at TEDx.


Education is more than a profession to me.  It is a calling to serve the greater good.  Through Radiant Mind, I intend to challenge our current paradigm of success in education by providing experiences that support the whole child and provide them with essential life skills.  I look forward to serving you and your community in our mutual pursuit of continued education.






Mindfulness Teacher Certification